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Discover Liquid Green™️, our green gold

Are you looking for a skin care product that provides optimal moisturization to your skin? Then (facial) oil is definitely the right choice. Yes, oil can work wonders even with slightly oily skin.
Oil may sound greasy, but it won't make your skin more oily (if used properly).

Instead, it penetrates deep into the skin and has the ability to repair and nourish the core of the skin.
More on that below!

The power of oil

Liquid Green™️ - your liquid gold

To answer the need to repair and protect that sebum layer, we developed the patented Liquid Green™️ formula.

The skin of our face is constantly exposed to all kinds of attacks from inside and outside.
Free radicals in particular have a very negative impact on our skin. They accelerate the process that makes our face age and wrinkled. It is therefore smart to tackle those free radicals head on.

Seeds are the source of life, containing the most concentrated part of any plant.
Liquid Green™ Facial Oil therefore uses seeds from plants that effectively neutralise these free radicals. Those organic seeds are cold-pressed into an oil that nourishes and enhances the beauty of your skin.

The result is a nourishing, antioxidant-rich cold-pressed oil of certified organic black cumin, red grape, red raspberry, pumpkin and cranberry seeds.
This powerful blend (based on the Intelli-Seed™️ science) gives your body the same free-radical-fighting potency as eating 10 pounds of berries.

Powered by Intelli-Seed™ science

As good as this Intelli-Seed™ antioxidant blend is, it is still not enough for a truly effective natural oil.
For that, we need two more key ingredients: argan oil and blue tansy.

Argan oil
is sometimes called "Moroccan gold". Few plant oils are as good for the skin and hair as argan oil.
Packed with vitamin E, antioxidants and omega-6 fatty acids such as linoleic acid, it not only moisturises your skin, but also stimulates and protects your skin cells.

The Liquid Green™ Face Oil therefore uses this miraculous argan oil in combination with safflower seed oil to intensely hydrate and strengthen your skin.

Last but not least, the much lesser-known barnyard weed is also a very powerful antioxidant. One that is very effective in calming skin irritations.

Liquid green™️ SKIN BENEFITS