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Hi there (future) I-N partner!

We're so happy you found your way to this page. 😉
That must definitely mean you're interested in a potential partnership.
Guess what, we're interested too! ⚡️

As a relatively new player in the European beauty market, we believe there's so much potential when uniting the forces. That's why we're always looking out for new partners.

Do you have a soft spot for our plant-powered, science-based, sustainable, cruelty-free & transparent beauty brand and you want to explore the partnership ideas?



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Intelligent™️ is about harnessing
the natural powers of plants without harming the environment
If a product isn’t minimum 85% natural, we’re striving to get there. If there’s a more sustainable way to source an ingredient, we’ll test it. Every day we strive to improve and innovate.

We do the best we can until we
can do better. 🙏🏻

Why not, right? 😇
We go above and beyond in
our belief that effective, luxurious, personal care can be plant-powered, science-based, organic, sustainable, and cruelty-free.

Transparency is in our DNA, as are our sustainability efforts and our eternal sense of responsibility to the planet. 🌏

You'll be a leader when it comes to luxurious, organic and sustainable beauty, and we love that!

We aim for a connected partnership.
That means you won't be in this alone.
We'll provide you with everything you need from set-up to (after)launch and promise you a longterm transparent support. ⚡️

I-N | Europe & MORE

Hell yes! We're an official distributor in 52 countries. As such, we are seeking partners in these 52 countries. Salons, retailers, beauty institutions,.. you name it, we'll consider it! 😉

Are you the one to complete our puzzle? 🌏

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