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Shine Bright Vitamin C Hair Oil

Earth-conscious beauty - Life changing results.
Intelligent descisions start by eliminating the bad.
I-N with
Advanced Plant Science
Organic Essential Oils Aromas/Flavors
Proven Plant Actives
Sustainable & Recycleable Packaging
Seals & Certifications
Food-Based Preservatives
Gentle Plant Cleansing Agents
100% Transparency
Active In Change/Legislation
OUT with
Petroleum-Based Formula
Synthetic Fragrance/Animal Musks
Parabens & 1000s More
Metallized Plastic Closures/Foil Inks
Animal Ingredients
Harsh Preservatives
SLS And Other Irritating Surfactants
Hidden Ingredients
Cheap Outsourcing

Driven by a mission

Clean, green, beyond the call of beauty. It's in our DNA.

We believe that everything I-N does and stands for, makes a world of difference.

"Selfcare isn’t just about looking good today, it’s an investment in a brighter future for your body and for the planet."

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