6 simple steps for effortless natural beach waves

With Intelligent Nutrients

Beach waves are a timeless summer trend. Yet, you don't have to be on a tropical getaway or beach to embrace them.

Do you have straight hair and want to achieve that perfect "I've just come back from the beach" - look? Or do you have a natural curl in your hair that you want to accentuate?

With these 6 handy steps, you will have the desired result in no time!

Girl washing her hair

Step 1

Wash and condition your hair

Step 2

Use a primer to protect your hair

Priming your hair with the Good Hair Guardian Thermal Primer of Intelligent Nutrients
using Amplify blow out cream from Intelligent Nutrients

Step 3

Use a blowout cream for extra volume

Step 4

Start drying your hair

Brushing hair with a large brush

Step 5

Create your curls

Step 6

Finish it off with hair spray


Pro-tip: pack a Bell-Curve Curl Reviving Spray when going to the beach and apply after you get out of the water.
The saltiness of the water combined with the spray will give you that instant beach wave hair.